AU stands for Alternate Universe- all the characters used in this comic were originally made to appear in another comic series of mine called Eden, where all these characters represent either biblical or mythological personages at odds with one another. Eden, as you might notice, is also the name of a character in AU. While he had the lead role in that series, I'm trying to give other characters who had less coverage in Eden(such as Auz and Seththi) a chance to shine. Michael and some other characters did not even have speaking parts in the original comic- they aren't even recognizable by their faces because they were just silhouettes!

AU is not a pre-completed series- I'm working a couple days ahead at most. Any ideas you have, regarding pairings, plot ideas, or what-have-you, are much appreciated. While I am working with a basic structure, AU is far from set in stone. You can send any such story suggestions to my email, thesolo(at)gmail(dot)com. Y'know, minus the at and dot and plus the proper symbols.

AU is hosted on Keenspace, a free webhosting and site automation service for webcomics.